Top 10 USA Auto Insurance Companies

Top 10 USA Auto Insurance Companies 

The companies with good financial stability, in competition with other best companies and have more customers is said to be the best company. If all these factors are available in an auto insurance company then that company is one of the best Auto Insurance Companies in a country.

The car purchasing ratio in USA has increased. Everyday millions of cars are sold in USA. Buying car is easy but keeping it well is very difficult. Buying a car is just like buying a cow which needs food and cure in an illness. So, security and care are the important things which are very helpful in taking care of your car. For this reason many insurance companies are now developed in USA. But not all of these provide surety. So, if you want to choose a best insurance company for your car which will give all the expenses except fuel expense than you should go through the top ten lists defined below.

10- The auto insurance company on 10th rank is Western United. This is one of the best Auto Insurance Companies in USA on which you can rely completely.

09 The company which is on the 9th rank is Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance Company. This company is one of the oldest insurance companies. It was developed in 1902. This company is not only available in USA but it has other branches in 20 countries.

08- The 8th ranked company is the Nationwide auto Insurance Company. This company also provides its best services.

07- The company on 7th rank is called the Western General Insurance Company. This company makes its customers satisfy by providing their services in very low rates.

06- Unitrin is the 6th ranked car insurance company. The company is quite old and the owner of this company had struggled much to make it reach the top rank.

05- Another popular auto insurance company in USA is the Allstate Auto Insurance Company. This company stayed on the top rank for many decades.

04- Access Insurance Company has taken the 4th place in the race of these car insurance companies. This company gives multi services to their customer that is why it is one of the top most insurance companies in USA. Now, the turn of the top three countries,

03- The third place is achieved by Bristol West Insurance Company. This company gives the best services to their customers ever given. The company makes sure if their customer is satisfied or not.

02- The company on the 2nd rank is the GMAC Insurance Company. This company was developed in 1939. This company has extended their various branches not only in several countries but in many continents. The company has the best customer care service centre.

01- The top ranked company which is on the 1st number is the Progressive Auto Insurance Company. This company not only provides insurance to cars but gives services for boats, bikes, ships and other things.

These were the best Auto Insurance Companies in USA. So, if you want to give your car in a responsible hand you can surely choose one from them.

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